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Best Tiny Church in Taylor, No longer

The right time has come. In the heart of a small, close-knit community, there stood a modest church known as My Father's House Church. For years, this tiny sanctuary had been a beacon of hope, love, and faith, serving as a spiritual home for its devoted congregation. A healthy spiritually small in size naturally, the church's impact on the lives of its members and the surrounding community was immense.

A miraculous blessing came their way. The Lord provided a new, larger building located at 16388 Allen Road, Taylor, MI 48180. This new space, that seats 250, with two mini grand pianos was a testament to their faith and dedication, a place where they could continue their mission with greater reach and impact. Embracing this fresh beginning, the church decided to adopt a new name that reflected their vision and purpose: First Love Community Church.

The transition to the new building marked a significant turning point. The congregation felt a renewed sense of purpose, driven by a mission that had evolved over time. Their goal was clear: to be filled with the love of God and neighbors, and to make disciples of all nations. This mission was not just a statement but a way of life, shaping every action and decision within the church.

The journey of First love community church was further blessed by a divine partnership. Allen Road Missionary Church joined hands with My Father's House Church, merging their strengths and resources. This partnership, ordained by God, was a powerful union that promised to bring even greater blessings to the community.

Leadership played a crucial role in this transformative journey. The church was guided by three wise and dedicated elders: Pastor Dave Alvarez II, Apostle Teacher Adam Crumpton, and Apostle Shepherd Maurice Gholston. Each leader brought unique gifts and perspectives to the table. Pastor Dave Alvarez II, with his compassionate heart and steadfast faith, provided pastoral care and spiritual guidance. Apostle Teacher Adam Crumpton's profound wisdom and teaching enriched the congregation's understanding of the Scriptures. Apostle Shepherd Maurice Gholston, with his nurturing spirit, offered guidance and support, ensuring that every member felt valued and cared for.

Together, these three leaders, along with the unified congregation, embraced their new mission with zeal and determination. The church became a hub of love, learning, and service, reaching out to the community and beyond. They organized outreach programs, educational workshops, and international missions, embodying the command to love their neighbors and make disciples of all nations.

As First Love Community Church moved forward, they never forgot their roots. They honored the past and the foundation laid by My Father's House Church, and Allen Road Missionary Church carrying forward the legacy of faith, love, and service. The new building became a symbol of growth and hope, a place where dreams were nurtured, and lives were transformed.

And so, the story of First Love Community Church continued, a testament to the power of faith, unity, and divine guidance. With every step they took, they remained steadfast in their mission, always moving forward, filled with the love of God and neighbors, making disciples of all nations.

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