Unique Mens and Boys' Fellowship

I attended a diverse Men's fellowship at Metro Church, where people of different ages and ethnicities, including myself as an Asian, gathered. I had the privilege of leading worship, which always brings us closer to the presence of the Lord. The fellowship began with a delicious Mediterranean meal, followed by inspiring exhortation, heartfelt worship, and a powerful sermon. After the preaching, it ended with an altar call which I miss witnessing, the traditional practice of ending the preaching with an altar call, where people are invited to accept the Lord, it was a moving experience to witness both young and old participants respond and commit their lives to Lord. The fellowship continued with prayers and testimonies, creating an atmosphere of spiritual connection. Finally, we bid farewell with warm hugs and goodbyes. The church is called Metros, and the pastor is Pastor Matt Crisp. The evangelist who delivered the sermon was Evangelist Leo.

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Keep the faith, keep moving forward, keep loving Him, ever-growing in Christ.

In His Love, Pastor Dave Alvarez II (D2)